Colony è un progetto nato nel 2007 e basato su la musica elettronica, sperimentale, ambient e drone.

Colony ha finora pubblicato cinque album:
This Machine Never Sleeps (2007)
Meet, Merge, Dissolve (2010)
Cities Apart feat. Akito Misaki (2012)
Music For Empty Rooms (2013)
Time Destroys Everything (2015)
Nel 2012 Colony ha remixato il singolo dei Sinner DC “Where She Goes”.
Dal 2015 cura inoltre la serie di web compilation ambient “We Are Invisible Now”.

[English Version]
Colony is a sound project started in 2007 and based on electronic, experimental, ambient and drone music.
Colony has self-released five albums: “This Machine Never Sleeps” in 2007, “Meet, Merge, Dissolve” in 2010, “Cities Apart” together with japanese musician Akito Misaki in 2012, “Music For Empty Rooms” in 2013 and “Time Destroys Everything” in 2015. Colony has also did a remix/rework of Sinner DC’s single “Where She Goes” in 2012 and is currently curating the series of ambient web compilations “We Are Invisible Now”.
The new album of Colony is called “Miles And Miles Of Nothing”. The music of Colony is licensed under Creative Commons and is free for everyone to download and share.

The artist

Nationality: Italy

Resident in: Padova