Linguaggio Macchina

Linguaggio Macchina


All songs are composed with databent/sonified data files.

“The limited circle of pure sounds must be broken, and the infinite variety of “noise-sound” conquered. We want to attune and regulate this tremendous variety of noises harmonically and rhythmically. We are therefore certain that by selecting, coordinating and dominating all noises we will enrich men with a new and unexpected sensual pleasure. Futurist musicians must substitute for the limited variety of tones posessed by orchestral instruments today the infinite variety of tones of noises, reproduced with appropriate mechanisms. I am not a musician. I am a Futurist painter using a much loved art to project my determination to renew everything. And so, bolder than a professional musician could be, unconcerned by my apparent incompetence and convinced that all rights and possibilities open up to daring, I have been able to initiate the great renewal of music by means of the Art of Noises.”

extracts from “the art of noises”, futurist manifesto, Luigi Russolo, 1913

The artist

Nationality: Italy

Resident in: Udine