Sirio Gry J

Sirio Gry J


Sirio Grimaldi (aka Sirio Gry J), currently owner at Monolith and Black Sam Records and founder of Monolith Records, borns in Rome in the late 80’s. His love for music comes up seems his childhood, getting refined and renewed through years and experiences. In the early teenage period he starts practicing beatbox as something funny and in the same period he discovers the world of deejaying.
His first beats came from the legendary 90’s underground techno, in which Rome played an important role all over Europe with the ACV crew, SNS and the VIRUS movement and its raves. From this point the research of new music, going deeper and deeper through very different genres, becomes a constant. Being influenced by such different genres as rock ‘n’ roll (in particular classic, progressive and psichedelic but also harder stuff such metal and punk), 80’s and 90’s dance, house, ambient, trip hop, popular music, industrial, breakbeat and techno, he provides a wide range of sounds in his sets, going from great lounge and chill out tunes, to deep and minimal beats getting involved with techno grooves.
After having a good career in deejaying with his italian crew “Techlab”, he moved to London where he could go deeper and deeper in the underground scene of the british city. There he could refine more his taste, make his view about music way wider gig in venues such as Pacha, The Egg, Cafè 1001, Russian Bar also collaborating with artists like Claus Voigtmann (from Toi.Toi musik), Synhtek, Frankyeffe (Truesoul) and Knobs (Nachtstrom Schallplatten).
recently digging the Berlin’s underground he currently producing techno for labels like Kaputt, Canniald, and Monolith Records, a new ambitious project which develops in different artistic fields, being a music platform too which looks ahead to the grim future of human kind.

The artist

Nationality: Italy

Resident in: Germany